More beautiful owls

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barn owl



cattle in Norfolk

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Anne-Marie, the palm cockatoo, Bali

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Anne-Marie, the palm cockatoo – by bocavermelha-l.b.’ s photostream

“… meet Anne Marie, the palm cockatoo at the taman burung bali bird park! yeah, finally i went to bail’s famous aviary but, i’ve to comment that with a lot of apprehension because, i adore to see them free without bars and without any trimmed wings. she was an injured confiscated bird and was rescued by the bird park, i was told. found throughout new guinea, papua (indonesian province) and in north-queensland (australia). near threatened, affected by logging and forest clearing in parts of new guinea and because of the high demand of them as pets; in vicinity of towns and villages locally extirpated by hunting for food and trapping for live-bird trade; much in demand as aviary bird. these birds die during shipping and often they don’t adjust to the new environment and suffer severely. one day i’ll get back there for another visit, hope this time i’ll spend more time observing Anne Marie…♥_♥

Bubo Sumatranus – photography taken at Batubulan – Bali – Indonesia

Lotus with leaf

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Lotus with Leaf – by Natureluv

girl from Calcutta

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girl from Calcutta, by Jules1405


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“Princess” – by Chris Pryor
(2004 Khumbh Mela, Ujjain, Madya Pradesh, India. )

little foot

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little foot